Upholstery steam cleaning in Mackay for everything from furniture to vehicle interiors


Clean Upholstery — Furniture & Vehicle Upholstery Steam Clean in Mackay, QLD

What are the benefits of steam cleaning upholstery?

  • Effectively removes stains
  • Permanently remove odours
  • Extends the life of fabrics
  • Extracts dirt, soil, dust & allergens Dries within a few hours to prevent mildew
Upholstery cleaning is a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to remove stains, dirt, mould and smells from your favourite fabric furniture. Using an upholstery tool attachment, we'll clean any type of fabric item, including couches, chairs, curtains, mattresses and fabric partitions, as well as vehicle interiors.

When left untreated, built-up grime causes friction within the fibres, leading to thinning and frayed fabric. Unfortunately, this isn't a task for the household vacuum. Our specialised equipment, attachments and products will help prolong the life of your fabric, as well as protect you and your family from allergens.

While households most frequently request this service, we often attend restaurants, offices and schools to restore their seating, ottomans and other fabric furniture.

Is it time you gave your lounge suite a new lease on life? Contact us now.
Clean Upholstery — Furniture & Vehicle Upholstery Steam Clean in Mackay, QLD

How does the upholstery steam cleaning process work?

  1. Every job starts with a pre-assessment to determine the best cleaning solution to suit the task.
  2. We then pre-vacuum the fabric.
  3. The appropriate pre-spray solution is then applied.
  4. If required, this is when we scrub the surface.
  5. Using high-pressure hot water cleaning equipment, we clean all surfaces of the fabric.
  6. The fabric is then groomed to restore the fibres. Our technician will then assess the job to ensure they're 100% with the work.