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While we'd all like to think vacuuming a few times a week is enough to keep our home hygienic, the unfortunate truth is, it's not. Household cleaning agents and vacuums simply aren't strong enough to remove all traces of dirt and bacteria lurking in carpet, rug and upholstery fibres. And who wants to spend their time scrubbing at their tiles for minimal results? That's where our team at Pure Carpet & Tile Cleaning come in.

Our steam cleaners provide affordable services to residential, commercial and industrial property owners and renters throughout Mackay. We'll remove stains, mould, built-up dirt and bacteria invisible to the eye, and all for a great price.
If water damage has affected your property, there's no need to replace your carpeting, rugs and furniture. Our water extraction methods can effectively reduce your risk of mould and return your home or office back to normal in no time. We also have products to remove mould if it has already begun to form in the affected area.

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our services:


Urgent water extraction


Stain & Odour Removal


Tile & grout cleaning


Upholstery steam cleaning


Carpet Steam Cleaning

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