Professional carpet steam cleaning of your residential, commercial or industrial property in Mackay


Man Cleaning a Carpet — Carpet Steam Cleaning in Mackay, QLD

What are the benefits of steam cleaning carpet?

  • Treats mould
  • Eliminates malodours.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be walked on in 30 minutes
  • Effectively kills bacteria and germs Removes imbedded dirt, allergens & dust
No harsh chemicals. Instantly brilliant results. At Pure Carpet & Tile Cleaning, we guarantee spotlessly clean, odourless carpeting in any type of property in the Mackay area, including homes, offices, schools, restaurants and industrial spaces.

By combining innovative cleaning and stain removal technology, we don't have to rely on harsh solvents found in alkaline cleaning products. Our technicians use a Sapphire brand truck-mounted machine and carpet wands with a pressure rating of up to 1,500 psi to achieve miraculous results. You won't find a better way to eliminate powerful odours, stubborn dirt, soil or mould.

When your trying to remove the scent of animal/human urine—including the distinctive male cat spray—decaying organic matter, mould or mildew, you want it gone for good. Most odour-removing methods will simply mask the smell. In just one visit from our technicians, your bad odour will be removed for good—permanently.
Like we mentioned, we can provide our services in any type of property in the Mackay area. Our team regularly work with tenants, property managers and landlords on vacate carpet cleans, assuring great results at great prices.

Contact us now to see just how cost effective our services are.
Carpet Vacuum — Carpet Steam Cleaning in Mackay, QLD

How does carpet steam cleaning work?

  1. We clear any furniture out of the way.
  2. A full vacuum is carried out to pick up any bigger pieces.
  3. We then pre-spray the carpet and pre-treat any heavily soiled areas.
  4. Utilising high-pressure hot water carpet cleaning equipment, we clean all carpeted surfaces.
  5. Our team then groom the carpet using a specialised brush to return the fibres to their natural state. Now clean, the surface is ready to walk on within 30 minutes.